The Top 5 Reasons why I Love Durarara!!

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I started watching Durarara!! a few days ago, and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. So now, I must fangirl. Here are the top five reasons why Durarara!! has become my new obsession. 

1.) One of the first things you see is a pair of otaku. 


At first, I laughed at her for having a cardboard cut-out (because I totally know what it feels like to carry that around in public, I’ve done it) but then once I got a closer look I practically flew out of my seat screaming “Horo?!” It made me laugh, and loling before the ten minute mark in the pilot episode of a series means that it has potential, at least in my eyes. 


A reference to Dokoro-chan! OK, she is officially awesome. 

2.) Masaomi Kida is adorable and you know it 


He tells bad jokes, flirts badly, and thinks he’s the shit. But hey, who cares? Because he is the shit and it’s alright if he knows it. 

His friendship with Mikado is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Mikado calling him “Kida-kun” in that cute tone of his makes me so happy~ And he’s so good-natured! Because he knows the dangers of the city and how they can hurt people, he wants to protect Mikado from them? Daww~

However, due to the woman at the hospital, I think it’s safe to infer that he has some sort of dark past. Poor kid, so all the extroverted carefreeness is just a ruse to hide something deeper? Oh~ I can’t wait to find out what it is! 


His attempts at “picking up girls” make me lmao. And his random use of Engrish? This kid is epic. 

 3.) There is a black Russian man 


Who owns a Russian sushi restaraunt! And he actually speaks Russian! Am I the only one who thinks this is like, the most unique, sweetest thing ever? And his lines! 



Elementary Japanese? Epic. It’s nice to know that someone else talks at the same level I do. 

4.) Izaya is just awesome 


A sadistic toyer with emotions, he has to be my favourite character. Every time he opens his mouth he might as well be saying “bitch please, I’m Izaya so why dont you just sit the fuck down and recognise.” That’s just how awesome he is. 

His relationship with Shizuo is something I’m going to be keeping a close eye on as the series goes on (especially next week! I’m so excited to find out their past!) because it seems to be filled with angst and hate and yet old friendship and oh God I’m so friggin’ excited!

Don't be scared Mikado, it's just some Izaya rape.

 He’s involved in everything somehow, I just am waiting to find out exactly how. I’m sure he’s the one pulling the strings, because he’s so awesome I can’t imagine him being anyone’s underling. 

…Did I mention he’s awesome? 

5.) The opening and ending themes are kickass 


I don’t judge a series by it’s OP and END sequence, but it certaintly helps to be engaged for a minute and 30 seconds rather than dreading it or skipping over it. And these are sweet songs, with really cool sequences attatched to them. Plus, Izaya’s one of the first things you see in the OP. That’s always a bonus. 

Did I mention the Celtic folklore? Or the random psychological aspects? Or the gang wars? Or the doctors that start disecting at the age of 4? Goddamn this show has so much to offer. 

Basically, Durarara!! = EPIC WINZOARZ !!!11!one!11!!!

/Fangirling over.


Coffee Prince

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I felt like watching some drama today, and I finally got around to finishing Coffee Prince. Overall, it was a cute, funny, sweet little romance with a very fun cast.

I especially loved Gong Yoo… Yeah, looking at him may be why I spent over 17 hours of my life watching this show…

But anyway, I normally don’t like these sorts of sappy romance stories (which is why I stay away from romantic comedies at the movies) but I caught myself rooting for Go Eun-Chan and Han Kyul the entire time.  At one point I was even out of my seat, getting genuinely angry at Eun-Chan for not wanting to come home from Italy right away (which is very OOC of me by the way…) Their characters worked so well together, and it was sweet to watch Han Kyul accept her for who she was, even while thinking she was a boy. (Not to mention buying her all that food!)

It was a tad cliché I’ll admit, what with Eun-Chan pretending to be a boy and all (Ouran or Hana-Kimi, anyone?) but that was overshadowed by all the other characters, their pasts and relationships, and all the little sub-plots.

…Which left room for lots of plotholes. Whatever happened to the Japanese man’s girlfriend? Or the relationship with Go Eun-Chan’s mother? Is the grandma still sick? What about the baby Yoo-Joo was supposed to have?

Despite this, the show did have one thing that was exceptionally good. It’s soundtrack! Jesus Christo it had one of the greatest soundtracks I’d ever seen! I loved all the songs, and the inserts fit in perfectly with the scenes they played in.

Especially the ending theme. So cute!~

Here, I leave you with cute moments (with Sakura Kiss! Oh wow, this really had to be done, didn’t it…)

Sherlock Holmes: A Fangirl’s Perspective

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Full disclosure here: I saw this movie with the intent of making yaoi out of it. I saw a preview with Robert Downey Jr. saying “Sherlock Holmes likes to push the limits on bromance” and it all went downhill from there. But even though I was expecting the interaction between the to be slashable, knew it was coming from the minute I bought my ticket, I was still surprised and taken aback by just how slashable it was.

And that’s a lot.

They share a bed, clothes, thoughts, lives. Watson is never truly happy (however much he likes to deny it) unless he is by Sherlock’s side, solving a case. They pester each other, fight and argue daily, but despite all this they are closer to each other than any other people in their lives. Watson wants to move out of the house with his future wife, a woman named Mary, and start their lives together. Sherlock can’t imagine him leaving or bear the thought of it, but he’s not exactly mentally or socially mature enough to amend the situation properly. So, he does what he only knows what to do: sabotage. All this results in is Mary realising how much Sherlock cares for Watson, even calling him out on it at one point. And hell, if the girlfriend can see it then it’s pretty damn obvious if you ask me.

It’s a connection that I rarely see done well anymore, and it’s sad because it’s such an amazing interaction. Their moments and subtleties aren’t watered-down, but presented plainly to the audience to interpret as they wish. Not to mention the plot, scenery, soundtrack, and supporting actors were superb.

So I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a true, genuine, well thought out relationship. (Or who just wants something to fangirl over. I mean, that’s why I’m here).

Hetalia Season 3!

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Holy Roman Empire! You mean all of my gay nation-tans get to come back for another whole season?! Really?!

I am seriously the happiest girl in the world right now.

No new changes to report, each episode will still be five minutes long, and it will still be broadcast via internet and cell-phones. Which is a little disappointing (I mean, that’s only the equivalent to ten normal anime episodes) but who cares! We have a movie coming soon too, and apparently some sort of mystery hall event! Hetalia seems alive and well.

Take that, Korea!

That being said, I hope that they take this new season to add something… well, new. There are so many popular strips that they haven’t touched yet, like the Christmas Special, Su-San and I, and the Maria Therese Series. And although I am still holding to my belief that the Buon San Valentino strip will be saved for the movie, if it isn’t, they have to put it in the anime. Seriously, their DVD and merchandise sales will skyrocket, and the fanbase will love them unconditionally (despite the fact that they took all the fun out of Hetalia by making Italy wear clothes to bed and taking out my “I thought we would always be together” line from the Cleaning out the Storage episodes).

And As much as I love the Allied and the Axis Powers, I would love to see some more of the countries that weren’t as involved in the war, like Egypt and Spain (although I will give them points for including Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein in some of the previous episodes). AND PRUSSIA. JESUS CHRISTO WE NEED MOAR PRUSSIA. And not as a background character in the distance so you have to strain your eyes to see him, either! Like actual, protagonist Prussia. And honestly Studio Deen let’s face it: more Prussia means happy fans (considering he’s one of the most popular characters) and happy fans means higher sales. What’s there to lose?

I’m so frickin’ excited! Here, have some dancing Britannia Angel (with some Joker at the end :p) to celebrate!

Gundam 00 2010 Movie

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Well, all we know so far is that we’re getting four new Gundams… and I assume that we also can infer that it takes place sometime within the second season because of Tieria, unless he somehow came back to life and the movie actually takes place post-second season. (Is that why he’s materializing out of thin air? Is he a hologram or something?)

I find it funny that once again, Tieria has the largest Gundam. Well, I guess he has to compensate for his purple hair and pink cardigans somehow.

Besides this, the only other preview we have is funny, but useless. Remember the trailer to season two? We get one of those for this movie, too!

Who knows? Maybe we will have a hologram!Tieria and the whole movie will take place in a bread shop in heaven. I’m just excited to learn that we have a movie coming at all.

And aww~ Andrei made up with his father! This just proves my theory that doughnuts can make everything better.

Hetalia: Axis Powers Episode 46

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This week’s episode was made out of the strip “Middle Age England’s Clothes and Hair,” which wasn’t as exciting to me as I’m sure it was to other people because France/England isn’t  my cup of tea. Also, we already had this strip made into a drama CD track, so can we have some episodes featuring lesser-known nation-tans? (Sweden/Finland, Greece/Japan, Denmark/Norway? I think I’d die of happiness if I got a Denmark/Norway strip animated).

However, I do like to see these two as brotherly frenemies, and this is a pretty funny strip. So, I ended up enjoying it regardless.

Oh France, yes, you are rather fabulous.

France teases baby!England about his hairstyle, which didn’t match with the French fashion trends of the time. This gets to England a little bit, and he makes the decision to grow his hair out.

…But he has to avoid the bishop, who has said that only women have long hair. England running up a tree to escape a holy man with a sword was utterly amazing. I think I understand how he managed to survive during Bloody Mary’s reign now!

After running away all that time and working so hard to grow out his hair… well, it kind of failed.

France offers England a better haircut, but all France seems to give him are hairstyles that make England resemble a member of the French family. England, of course, doesn’t want to look French and refuses each one.

Apparently he wants to look like Fabio.

Instead of getting his dream Fabio haircut, however, France gives him back his old one. And England, that really is your best look. I don’t think I’d love you quite as much if you had French or Fabio hair.

Ahh! England’s ending theme! I love the hard rock feel to it. All I can imagine is punk!England singing it, with that little checkerboard kerchief of his~ (But shouldn’t it be Mummy?)

…What? Is anyone else confused? Is this some kind of British joke I’m just not understanding? And here I thought I was enough of an anglophile to understand them all…

Tegami Bachi Episode 9

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By this point in the episode, I was about ready to start crying too. Gauche! Why did you push yourself so far!? Why?!

So basically, Lag shot a shindan into Gauche’s gun, and we got a little peek into what happened right before he disappeared. From what I can infer, he was working so hard as a Tegami Bachi that he has now lost his heart.

From the memories, it’s safe to say that meeting Lag has stuck in Gauche’s mind, and he sees them as dear friends. He gave Sylvette his gun, instructing her to give it to Lag if/when he ever came to visit. He couldn’t use it anymore due to the large quantities of his heart that he had used up already, and needed a less powerful one. (Poor Gauche! Why must you not notice the blatent foreshadowing?!)

After seeing the memories with Sylvette, Lag heads out to see if he has passed the exam to become a bee. And of course, he has.

Lag gives a little speech at the end about how he was going to use his newfound ability to travel to find Gauche.  He’s not just going to stand idly by as Gauche suffers; he wants to help him, and believes that he can.

…And he wants to become Head Bee. Well, it wouldn’t be shounen without a predictable move like that, now would it?

This episode had me glued to the screen. Of course, being the fangirl that I am, I was about ready to cry at seeing Gauche and Lag like that. Gauche has lost himself in his quest to become Head Bee, and Lag has lost the person most important to him. But Lag’s resolve seems unwavering, and now he’s not only doing it for himself, but for Sylvette too.

I really do love these two~ Lag’s devotion to Gauche is so strong, and it’s great to see that Gauche hasn’t forgotten about Lag in return. I’m so excited to find out what has happened to Gauche, and how Lag is going to go about bringing him back. (This sounds slightly familiar… Naruto, anyone?)