Tegami Bachi Episode 7

Tegami Bachi episode 7

Just as I was getting really excited with this week’s episode, it ended! We now have what I believe to be a plot twist. Gauche, someone who Lag has looked up to all his life, someone who he has idolised and chased after, the person who is the very reason that Lag is pursuing a career as a Tegami Bachi… is no longer a bee? And why was Connor so apprehensive about taking Lag to see Sylvette?

sylvette with a gun

Well, I think we were given some answers in the preview for next week’s episode, with Sylvette pointing a gun in Lag’s face. Obviously there was some kind of a fallout, and I’m excited to find out exactly what it was. I’d also like to see if this changes Lag’s ambitions at all, considering that he was working to become a bee for the purpose of getting closer to Gauche.

And Zagi!~ I was wondering when you would show up! I like his sort of “this is so annoying” attitude, but he really does care deep down. Or maybe he just didn’t like the other guy. Who knows? Either way, I have a feeling I’ll be getting attached to him very quickly.

I would like to know who decided to give a twelve-year-old girl in a wheelchair a gun. That doesn’t seem very smart now, does it?


~ by sushidei on November 16, 2009.

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