Tegami Bachi Episode 8

Woah. Lag being bad-ass? Now there’s something unexpected.

I feel so bad for the kid though, really. The man he had strived to reach all this time has been kicked out of the very institution that he has been working so hard to join. This leaves him at a very serious dilemma: continue on his path to becoming a Tegami Bachi, or drop everything and continue the search for Gauche?

I think that Sylvette has taken a path that frustrates Lag. Lag seems to be a more “go out and do it” kind of person, the kind that will never just settle for things the way they are if they do not meet his expectations. Sylvette is the opposite. She has chosen to simply accept Gauche’s death, barricading herself in her house making dolls. I can understand why she does this though, on a certain level. She probably feels betrayed and abandoned; the brother she had loved and depended on simply vanished without a word to anyone, and without keeping his promise to protect her and work for her to have a better quality of life. She probably feels that if her brother can’t do it, nobody can.

Still though, sitting in your house all day sewing dolls together? Really? Now you’re just not even trying.

I love Lag’s determination here, though! (My fangirl heart did cartwheels this whole episode~) Lag is going to bring him back. He knows he’s alive, and will stop at nothing to slap some sense into him and put him right back on track. He knows that the Gauche he loved as a child still exists, and he’ll be damned if he just sits back and lets him slip farther and farther away.

Did I just find the plot? Why yes, yes I did.


~ by sushidei on November 25, 2009.

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