Tegami Bachi Episode 9

By this point in the episode, I was about ready to start crying too. Gauche! Why did you push yourself so far!? Why?!

So basically, Lag shot a shindan into Gauche’s gun, and we got a little peek into what happened right before he disappeared. From what I can infer, he was working so hard as a Tegami Bachi that he has now lost his heart.

From the memories, it’s safe to say that meeting Lag has stuck in Gauche’s mind, and he sees them as dear friends. He gave Sylvette his gun, instructing her to give it to Lag if/when he ever came to visit. He couldn’t use it anymore due to the large quantities of his heart that he had used up already, and needed a less powerful one. (Poor Gauche! Why must you not notice the blatent foreshadowing?!)

After seeing the memories with Sylvette, Lag heads out to see if he has passed the exam to become a bee. And of course, he has.

Lag gives a little speech at the end about how he was going to use his newfound ability to travel to find Gauche.  He’s not just going to stand idly by as Gauche suffers; he wants to help him, and believes that he can.

…And he wants to become Head Bee. Well, it wouldn’t be shounen without a predictable move like that, now would it?

This episode had me glued to the screen. Of course, being the fangirl that I am, I was about ready to cry at seeing Gauche and Lag like that. Gauche has lost himself in his quest to become Head Bee, and Lag has lost the person most important to him. But Lag’s resolve seems unwavering, and now he’s not only doing it for himself, but for Sylvette too.

I really do love these two~ Lag’s devotion to Gauche is so strong, and it’s great to see that Gauche hasn’t forgotten about Lag in return. I’m so excited to find out what has happened to Gauche, and how Lag is going to go about bringing him back. (This sounds slightly familiar… Naruto, anyone?)


~ by sushidei on December 5, 2009.

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