Gundam 00 2010 Movie

Well, all we know so far is that we’re getting four new Gundams… and I assume that we also can infer that it takes place sometime within the second season because of Tieria, unless he somehow came back to life and the movie actually takes place post-second season. (Is that why he’s materializing out of thin air? Is he a hologram or something?)

I find it funny that once again, Tieria has the largest Gundam. Well, I guess he has to compensate for his purple hair and pink cardigans somehow.

Besides this, the only other preview we have is funny, but useless. Remember the trailer to season two? We get one of those for this movie, too!

Who knows? Maybe we will have a hologram!Tieria and the whole movie will take place in a bread shop in heaven. I’m just excited to learn that we have a movie coming at all.

And aww~ Andrei made up with his father! This just proves my theory that doughnuts can make everything better.


~ by sushidei on December 10, 2009.

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