Hetalia: Axis Powers Episode 46

This week’s episode was made out of the strip “Middle Age England’s Clothes and Hair,” which wasn’t as exciting to me as I’m sure it was to other people because France/England isn’t  my cup of tea. Also, we already had this strip made into a drama CD track, so can we have some episodes featuring lesser-known nation-tans? (Sweden/Finland, Greece/Japan, Denmark/Norway? I think I’d die of happiness if I got a Denmark/Norway strip animated).

However, I do like to see these two as brotherly frenemies, and this is a pretty funny strip. So, I ended up enjoying it regardless.

Oh France, yes, you are rather fabulous.

France teases baby!England about his hairstyle, which didn’t match with the French fashion trends of the time. This gets to England a little bit, and he makes the decision to grow his hair out.

…But he has to avoid the bishop, who has said that only women have long hair. England running up a tree to escape a holy man with a sword was utterly amazing. I think I understand how he managed to survive during Bloody Mary’s reign now!

After running away all that time and working so hard to grow out his hair… well, it kind of failed.

France offers England a better haircut, but all France seems to give him are hairstyles that make England resemble a member of the French family. England, of course, doesn’t want to look French and refuses each one.

Apparently he wants to look like Fabio.

Instead of getting his dream Fabio haircut, however, France gives him back his old one. And England, that really is your best look. I don’t think I’d love you quite as much if you had French or Fabio hair.

Ahh! England’s ending theme! I love the hard rock feel to it. All I can imagine is punk!England singing it, with that little checkerboard kerchief of his~ (But shouldn’t it be Mummy?)

…What? Is anyone else confused? Is this some kind of British joke I’m just not understanding? And here I thought I was enough of an anglophile to understand them all…


~ by sushidei on December 10, 2009.

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  1. tube=subway train

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