Hetalia Season 3!

Holy Roman Empire! You mean all of my gay nation-tans get to come back for another whole season?! Really?!

I am seriously the happiest girl in the world right now.

No new changes to report, each episode will still be five minutes long, and it will still be broadcast via internet and cell-phones. Which is a little disappointing (I mean, that’s only the equivalent to ten normal anime episodes) but who cares! We have a movie coming soon too, and apparently some sort of mystery hall event! Hetalia seems alive and well.

Take that, Korea!

That being said, I hope that they take this new season to add something… well, new. There are so many popular strips that they haven’t touched yet, like the Christmas Special, Su-San and I, and the Maria Therese Series. And although I am still holding to my belief that the Buon San Valentino strip will be saved for the movie, if it isn’t, they have to put it in the anime. Seriously, their DVD and merchandise sales will skyrocket, and the fanbase will love them unconditionally (despite the fact that they took all the fun out of Hetalia by making Italy wear clothes to bed and taking out my “I thought we would always be together” line from the Cleaning out the Storage episodes).

And As much as I love the Allied and the Axis Powers, I would love to see some more of the countries that weren’t as involved in the war, like Egypt and Spain (although I will give them points for including Belarus, Ukraine, Switzerland, and Lichtenstein in some of the previous episodes). AND PRUSSIA. JESUS CHRISTO WE NEED MOAR PRUSSIA. And not as a background character in the distance so you have to strain your eyes to see him, either! Like actual, protagonist Prussia. And honestly Studio Deen let’s face it: more Prussia means happy fans (considering he’s one of the most popular characters) and happy fans means higher sales. What’s there to lose?

I’m so frickin’ excited! Here, have some dancing Britannia Angel (with some Joker at the end :p) to celebrate!


~ by sushidei on December 14, 2009.

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