Sherlock Holmes: A Fangirl’s Perspective

Full disclosure here: I saw this movie with the intent of making yaoi out of it. I saw a preview with Robert Downey Jr. saying “Sherlock Holmes likes to push the limits on bromance” and it all went downhill from there. But even though I was expecting the interaction between the to be slashable, knew it was coming from the minute I bought my ticket, I was still surprised and taken aback by just how slashable it was.

And that’s a lot.

They share a bed, clothes, thoughts, lives. Watson is never truly happy (however much he likes to deny it) unless he is by Sherlock’s side, solving a case. They pester each other, fight and argue daily, but despite all this they are closer to each other than any other people in their lives. Watson wants to move out of the house with his future wife, a woman named Mary, and start their lives together. Sherlock can’t imagine him leaving or bear the thought of it, but he’s not exactly mentally or socially mature enough to amend the situation properly. So, he does what he only knows what to do: sabotage. All this results in is Mary realising how much Sherlock cares for Watson, even calling him out on it at one point. And hell, if the girlfriend can see it then it’s pretty damn obvious if you ask me.

It’s a connection that I rarely see done well anymore, and it’s sad because it’s such an amazing interaction. Their moments and subtleties aren’t watered-down, but presented plainly to the audience to interpret as they wish. Not to mention the plot, scenery, soundtrack, and supporting actors were superb.

So I recommend it to anyone who wants to see a true, genuine, well thought out relationship. (Or who just wants something to fangirl over. I mean, that’s why I’m here).


~ by sushidei on January 25, 2010.

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