Coffee Prince

I felt like watching some drama today, and I finally got around to finishing Coffee Prince. Overall, it was a cute, funny, sweet little romance with a very fun cast.

I especially loved Gong Yoo… Yeah, looking at him may be why I spent over 17 hours of my life watching this show…

But anyway, I normally don’t like these sorts of sappy romance stories (which is why I stay away from romantic comedies at the movies) but I caught myself rooting for Go Eun-Chan and Han Kyul the entire time.  At one point I was even out of my seat, getting genuinely angry at Eun-Chan for not wanting to come home from Italy right away (which is very OOC of me by the way…) Their characters worked so well together, and it was sweet to watch Han Kyul accept her for who she was, even while thinking she was a boy. (Not to mention buying her all that food!)

It was a tad cliché I’ll admit, what with Eun-Chan pretending to be a boy and all (Ouran or Hana-Kimi, anyone?) but that was overshadowed by all the other characters, their pasts and relationships, and all the little sub-plots.

…Which left room for lots of plotholes. Whatever happened to the Japanese man’s girlfriend? Or the relationship with Go Eun-Chan’s mother? Is the grandma still sick? What about the baby Yoo-Joo was supposed to have?

Despite this, the show did have one thing that was exceptionally good. It’s soundtrack! Jesus Christo it had one of the greatest soundtracks I’d ever seen! I loved all the songs, and the inserts fit in perfectly with the scenes they played in.

Especially the ending theme. So cute!~

Here, I leave you with cute moments (with Sakura Kiss! Oh wow, this really had to be done, didn’t it…)


~ by sushidei on February 9, 2010.

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