The Top 5 Reasons why I Love Durarara!!


I started watching Durarara!! a few days ago, and I’ve completely fallen in love with it. So now, I must fangirl. Here are the top five reasons why Durarara!! has become my new obsession. 

1.) One of the first things you see is a pair of otaku. 


At first, I laughed at her for having a cardboard cut-out (because I totally know what it feels like to carry that around in public, I’ve done it) but then once I got a closer look I practically flew out of my seat screaming “Horo?!” It made me laugh, and loling before the ten minute mark in the pilot episode of a series means that it has potential, at least in my eyes. 


A reference to Dokoro-chan! OK, she is officially awesome. 

2.) Masaomi Kida is adorable and you know it 


He tells bad jokes, flirts badly, and thinks he’s the shit. But hey, who cares? Because he is the shit and it’s alright if he knows it. 

His friendship with Mikado is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen! Mikado calling him “Kida-kun” in that cute tone of his makes me so happy~ And he’s so good-natured! Because he knows the dangers of the city and how they can hurt people, he wants to protect Mikado from them? Daww~

However, due to the woman at the hospital, I think it’s safe to infer that he has some sort of dark past. Poor kid, so all the extroverted carefreeness is just a ruse to hide something deeper? Oh~ I can’t wait to find out what it is! 


His attempts at “picking up girls” make me lmao. And his random use of Engrish? This kid is epic. 

 3.) There is a black Russian man 


Who owns a Russian sushi restaraunt! And he actually speaks Russian! Am I the only one who thinks this is like, the most unique, sweetest thing ever? And his lines! 



Elementary Japanese? Epic. It’s nice to know that someone else talks at the same level I do. 

4.) Izaya is just awesome 


A sadistic toyer with emotions, he has to be my favourite character. Every time he opens his mouth he might as well be saying “bitch please, I’m Izaya so why dont you just sit the fuck down and recognise.” That’s just how awesome he is. 

His relationship with Shizuo is something I’m going to be keeping a close eye on as the series goes on (especially next week! I’m so excited to find out their past!) because it seems to be filled with angst and hate and yet old friendship and oh God I’m so friggin’ excited!

Don't be scared Mikado, it's just some Izaya rape.

 He’s involved in everything somehow, I just am waiting to find out exactly how. I’m sure he’s the one pulling the strings, because he’s so awesome I can’t imagine him being anyone’s underling. 

…Did I mention he’s awesome? 

5.) The opening and ending themes are kickass 


I don’t judge a series by it’s OP and END sequence, but it certaintly helps to be engaged for a minute and 30 seconds rather than dreading it or skipping over it. And these are sweet songs, with really cool sequences attatched to them. Plus, Izaya’s one of the first things you see in the OP. That’s always a bonus. 

Did I mention the Celtic folklore? Or the random psychological aspects? Or the gang wars? Or the doctors that start disecting at the age of 4? Goddamn this show has so much to offer. 

Basically, Durarara!! = EPIC WINZOARZ !!!11!one!11!!!

/Fangirling over.


~ by sushidei on February 13, 2010.

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