Hetalia Episode 45

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The Switzerland/Lichtenstein shippers went crazy this episode…


But anyway, this week we got a little back-story on how Switzerland and Lichtenstein met.  Apparently Lichtenstein was in a tough spot due to the depression after WWI, so Switzerland stepped up and helped her out, giving her food despite the fact that he himself was struggling. 


Back to the present day, Lichtenstein asks her brother why he saved her. He answers that he couldn’t just leave her, it was his moral duty to help her out. Aww, Switzerland, you’re such a softie underneath all that artillery aren’t you? 


I really do love these two~ Although I’m more of a fan of their brother/sister relationship, Lichtenstein’s obvious admiration for her brother and Switzerland’s nervousness around her is unbelievably cute. I love seeing Switzerland’s soft side come out like this~ He tries to act like a responsible older brother, but I really don’t think he had any idea what he’s doing. Oh well, that makes their (awkward!) interaction all the more entertaining. 



Miracle Train Episode 9

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Instead of a woman getting on the train, by a slip of luck a man entered this time.  And of course, the Miracle Train boys needed to solve his problem before he could leave.

And what is his problem, exactly? Well, he likes cute things, and is afraid his girlfriend will think he’s strange and not manly enough for her. So, the train stations try to teach him to be himself by switiching up on each other, (which is why Shinjuku is acting like Tocho) and redecorating his bedroom.

…which secretes estrogen, might I add.

In the redecoration process, however, Sakurama realises that this isn’t what he wants! He goes all dramatic and says that he has nothing left, and that he needs his cute things to be complete! Which is of course, the point that the Miracle Train boys were trying to get across to him the entire time.

And what do you know? He finds the courage to have his girlfriend over, and she likes cute things too! They live happily ever after in their pink barbie dream house. The End.

Besides the obvious wtf? moment this entire episode was, it has to be my favourite yet. There should be more boys on the Miracle Train…

 And when they switched up on each other! Hilarious!

Shiodome pretending to be a playboy was my favourite~ (Even though the subtitles went a little crazy during this part). Not to mention the way that Shinjuku made fun of Tocho. I love their little rivalry~

Poor Roppongi though, he doesn’t think he makes an impression on people. Roppongi! You’re my favourite station! Don’t ever think that! Besides, your quiet, friendly attitude is what makes you so loveable~

I was cracking up throughout this entire episode. Oh station-tans, how I love you so~

Why Otaku Have a Bad Name

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A man in Tokyo married his dating simulation girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki… for real.

They had an official ceremony, complete with a priest. There was even a slideshow to show all of the “wonderful moments” the two had shared.

Now this is just ridiculous. I don’t care how in love you are with a character, it passes over time and you move on to the next fantasy crush.  I don’t know if this is an actual, legal wedding, but even just the ceremony is taking things too far.  What a waste of time and money.

Not to mention that this makes our already stereotyped community look bad. We’re known for doing outlandish things, but I think that our stigma has been waning with time and effort. This just puts us back to where we started; back to the crazy people who can’t get real lovers, so they watch hentai! Or whatever other crap people have come up with. 

And Love Plus? That’s a nintendo DS game. It’s a tiny screen, and probably pixely as hell. Well, whatever. Have it your way. おめでとう。

And The Ukes Take Over

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According to NPR, Japanese men are becoming more in touch with their feminine side.

The mold that young men in Japan used to have to fit was to become a masculine, family orientated business man. Settle down, have kids, go to work from nine to five… not much different from the mold that men have to fit in other industrialised countries.

However, more and more men (60%, actually) are breaking free from that mold, and creating their own.

They call themselves herbivores, and are indulging themselves in activities that, a decade ago, were “female only.” (Think Asuka from Otomen).

I have to say, it’s kind of a relief to see this happening! Maybe it’s because goal oriented people scare me, but it’s nice to see a country who has a stigma about them as being the “strictest of the strict” calm down just a tad. And who doesn’t love a sweet, sensitive guy?

However, on the flip side, these men don’t seem to want to make the first move, (an explanation as to why they lack girlfriends) which isn’t good for the already declining birthrate in Japan. They also don’t seem to be consumers, which sucks for the economy.

There needs to be a balance. I understand why this is happening; when one extreme is in power, the next swing of the pendulum brings the other extreme to power in due time, but honestly! You can be a sweet, sensitive, caring man and still make the first move! You can have a girlfriend and a job and all of that. Just learn from what you didn’t like of your parents and try not to repeat it.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that ukes have taken over Japan. Anyone else excited?

Tegami Bachi Episode 8

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Woah. Lag being bad-ass? Now there’s something unexpected.

I feel so bad for the kid though, really. The man he had strived to reach all this time has been kicked out of the very institution that he has been working so hard to join. This leaves him at a very serious dilemma: continue on his path to becoming a Tegami Bachi, or drop everything and continue the search for Gauche?

I think that Sylvette has taken a path that frustrates Lag. Lag seems to be a more “go out and do it” kind of person, the kind that will never just settle for things the way they are if they do not meet his expectations. Sylvette is the opposite. She has chosen to simply accept Gauche’s death, barricading herself in her house making dolls. I can understand why she does this though, on a certain level. She probably feels betrayed and abandoned; the brother she had loved and depended on simply vanished without a word to anyone, and without keeping his promise to protect her and work for her to have a better quality of life. She probably feels that if her brother can’t do it, nobody can.

Still though, sitting in your house all day sewing dolls together? Really? Now you’re just not even trying.

I love Lag’s determination here, though! (My fangirl heart did cartwheels this whole episode~) Lag is going to bring him back. He knows he’s alive, and will stop at nothing to slap some sense into him and put him right back on track. He knows that the Gauche he loved as a child still exists, and he’ll be damned if he just sits back and lets him slip farther and farther away.

Did I just find the plot? Why yes, yes I did.

InuYasha: Kanketsu Hen Episode 8

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Well, the episode I’ve been waiting for has finally come! And as much as it pains me to say this, it was bitter-sweet.

For the die-hard Inuyasha/Kagome shipper that I am, the manga seemed to be a little less… distressing? Maybe it’s because I can actually hear the pain in InuYasha’s voice now, but I was genuinely sad when Kikyou died. Not because of InuYasha, but because Kagome feels now like she’s failed. And I mean, she fails every episode, but this has to put quite a strain on her psyche.

The battle in this episode was really cool as well, although it seemed to me like everyone was kind of half-assing it. There was a general attitude of “just a little more!” Which of course, meant that no one put in that little extra effort to make it a success. So let’s try again in another 300 episodes and see if we can get off our asses by then, OK?

Tegami Bachi Episode 7

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Tegami Bachi episode 7

Just as I was getting really excited with this week’s episode, it ended! We now have what I believe to be a plot twist. Gauche, someone who Lag has looked up to all his life, someone who he has idolised and chased after, the person who is the very reason that Lag is pursuing a career as a Tegami Bachi… is no longer a bee? And why was Connor so apprehensive about taking Lag to see Sylvette?

sylvette with a gun

Well, I think we were given some answers in the preview for next week’s episode, with Sylvette pointing a gun in Lag’s face. Obviously there was some kind of a fallout, and I’m excited to find out exactly what it was. I’d also like to see if this changes Lag’s ambitions at all, considering that he was working to become a bee for the purpose of getting closer to Gauche.

And Zagi!~ I was wondering when you would show up! I like his sort of “this is so annoying” attitude, but he really does care deep down. Or maybe he just didn’t like the other guy. Who knows? Either way, I have a feeling I’ll be getting attached to him very quickly.

I would like to know who decided to give a twelve-year-old girl in a wheelchair a gun. That doesn’t seem very smart now, does it?